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About Suzie Anne:

Suzie Anne grew up on a dairy farm in north-central Indiana and spent years creating stories for games with her siblings. There were a variety of stories, but the one that has influenced her most to this day was having been kidnapped by an evil sorcerer, during which she and her younger sister, Esther, would be forced to do housework as the "sorcerer" demanded, after which they were, of course, rescued by handsome princes.


She left storytelling behind for several years, graduated from Purdue with a degree in Animal Sciences and worked on the family dairy farm for two-and-a-half additional years before finally answering God's call to pursue a career in writing. She decided to write clean, sweet, and humorous fantasy stories as she's always had a flare for imagining new locations and incorporating magic with the mundane, as well as a penchant for playing pranks.


Suzie is currently working on her first book, juggling helping on the family farm and substitute teaching with writing. She looks forward to sharing God's love and truth with readers through her characters' magical adventures. Her characters will tend to have some humorous interactions with farm animals, ideas birthed from Suzie's own experiences on the farm.

Suzie Anne looks forward to getting to know you by interacting through newsletters and social media, and invites you to sip a cup of hot chocolate or eat a bowl of ice cream as you converse with her from a distance.

God bless, and look for the magical in the mundane!

Suzie Anne

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