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Suzie Anne's Book Recommendations: The Chaos Grid

The Chaos Grid graphic and text

Earth whales, a dystopian society, mega trucks, and more await you in Lyndsey Lewellyn's debut novel The Chaos Grid. In weather-ravaged Texas, the major cities have been covered with domes to allow life to continue mostly normally, and technological advancements have made teleportation possible—for a price. But for all the advancements of society, drugs and governmental corruption are still rife.

Juna Conway knows firsthand the problems that come with both of those, having lost her parents as a child because of a deadly nano drug. Now one of the largest cities is set to make the drug legal, and her aunt and uncle want her to return to the people who murdered her parents and deliver the counteragent. But Juna is content with letting the city destroy itself so runs away and joins a shipping crew, a small group of people who brave the storms and mutated animals outside the domed cities to transport natural food.

From start to finish, The Chaos Grid is a thrill ride. Juna is a compelling character who forces readers to look at themselves and ask the question, "Would I help someone who irrevocably hurt me?" Her tenacity in facing obstacles and willingness to jump in and help those she meets along her journey make her a fun, easy-to-root-for heroine.

The supporting cast of Dax and the other shippers, the farm workers, and the interesting groups of people they meet along the way bring life to the wasteland in this riveting story with hints of the account of Jonah thrown in. Elements of mystery and hints of romance, along with themes of what is worth sacrificing for and whether there are qualifications for mercy, enhance the intriguing plot and made this a world and story well worth revisiting.

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