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God Gives Us More Than We Can Handle

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

The Bible story of the five loaves and two fish is one everyone knows and loves – after all, who doesn’t want God to multiply what they have beyond their wildest imaginings? God’s provision is amazing in this situation and, often, the focal point of the story. But before God provides, Jesus does something shocking. He tells His disciples, a bunch of poor fishermen, to buy supper for over five-thousand people.

The command might have seemed like a cruel joke to the disciples. Was Jesus giving them an impossible task to humiliate them? Their solution was to send the crowds to the surrounding villages – the disciples didn’t have enough food or money to provide for them all. This was the most logical choice to make, but God had a different plan. Jesus gave them the task of personally providing for the crowd, and so they brought what they had, giving it to Him with the words “…we only have…”

But their “only” was enough when they relied on God, as Jesus showed by asking God to provide. He answered and provided more than enough for everyone, opening the disciples’ eyes to an important truth. In their ministry, indeed, just their regular lives, they weren’t enough. Human wisdom told them to send the people away, the task of providing too great. If they had, they would have missed the opportunity for God to show up as the provider of all they needed. In big situations like feeding the five-thousand, we turn to God like Jesus did, knowing only He can provide. However, we also need His help in the “small” everyday struggles we face, especially with sin.

Sin is a constant in our lives, whether or not we’re saved. It tempts us, entangles us, and stains our souls with guilt, shame, and lies – all while alienating us from God. No one is free from its influence, and when we fight our battles alone we are doomed to failure. We need God just as much in these battles with sin as we do in the impossible situations, but we often fight on our own, too ashamed or prideful to admit our need for help.

I was convicted of just this when I was reading Mathew 14 during my quiet time yesterday. You see, I’ve been struggling with a particular sin for a while, and every time I gave in to temptation I would question God. “Why can’t I say no?” Or, more accurately, “Why don’t I say no?” My focus was on myself, what I could or couldn’t do, and so was the burden. It was up to me alone to say no. I might use Bible verses, pray, or sing worship songs to fight the temptation, but my focus wasn’t on God and leaning into Him, it was on what I needed to do to not sin. It was humbling to realize that my problem is me. I can’t defeat sin. Only God can do that. My own efforts will never be enough. Though I might win a few minor skirmishes, when the real battles come, I’ll fall.

Although this fact is still very humbling, it’s one of the most merciful things about walking with God that I’ve learned so far. My repeated failures, though frustrating and guilt inducing, were key to learning that I only need to rest in God, leaning into His strength and drawing closer to Him daily, and allow Him to fight for me. This resting is not a passive action – I must choose Him and lean into Him – but it removes the burden of defeating sin from me, the heavy lie that I alone am responsible for standing against temptation. So next time you’re facing temptation or an impossible situation, tell yourself the truth. You don’t got it…but God does.

God bless, and keep magic in the mundane.

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