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Life Lessons from Cows

Picture of cows

  1. Be patient. Cows that switch from entrance to entrance, trying to get in sooner, often end up in the last groups that are milked. --- Be willing to stay the course, even when things don't go as quickly or smoothly as you thought they would. Very few worthwhile things are easily accomplished.

  2. When the more experienced cows help the new ones, everyone in the parlor is happier. --- If you're a beginner, be humble and willing to receive advice from those who are more experienced. If you've been at something a while, share your expertise with those who are just starting out. After all, we were all beginners at some point.

  3. If a cow doesn’t do what she’s supposed to, it negatively affects all the cows around her. --- Be faithful in doing your designated work. We've all gone through phases where the work is boring or tedious, but those phases are necessary to produce a polished and more well-rounded product. Choose to fulfill your obligations.

  4. Be kind to those around you and in authority. They’ll be kinder to you and much happier to see you. --- We can't control the people around us, only ourselves. Choose to be a person no one can find any legitimate complaints about.

  5. If you want to get done faster, do what you’re supposed to without prompting. --- Some things you can't speed up, but you can slow anything down by dragging your feet about doing it.

  6. Quality and quantity are equally important. --- If you can make a product that's worth $5,000, but only make three a year, that's not enough to live off of. Make sure you balance your time and efforts so you can ensure the best possible outcome.

  7. Just because you’re best in the group you’re currently in doesn’t mean you’re the best out of everyone. --- Stay humble and always be willing to learn. God's the only one who knows everything, and that's not your title.

  8. Don’t compare yourself to those around you. You don’t know if they’re at the same stage in life as you or what problems they’re facing. --- This applies to both negative and positive comparisons. It's easy to say "I'm all right because I'm better than ____" or "I should quit because I'll never be as good as ____." We never know all the facts in a situation, nor should we over or under value our contributions based on what others have done.

  9. Using shortcuts to get what you want faster will typically end up taking you longer in the end. --- Shortcuts are great...when they work. Too many shortcuts cost more time and money in the long run because they sacrifice quality for speed.

  10. Take time to chew things over. --- Not all ideas that are presented to you should be swallowed. Take time to evaluate and examine what people tell you before accepting it as something that will benefit you.

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