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To Keep Magic in the Mundane

Hand typing on keyboard with text "What's something you looked forward to doing "for real" as a child?

What's something you looked forward to doing when you became an adult when you were a kid? One of my favorite things to play was typing on an old computer keyboard—one of the ones that had the number pad where you could type in a bunch of numbers really fast. I always wanted to have a reason to type on it for real.

However, my career path has given me no opportunity to do so. And technology has evolved to the point where I'm using either a phone or laptop—both of which lack the numeric pad—in my personal life. I've never had a reason or equipment to use the numeric keypad...until a couple of days ago at my local library.

I needed to look up info on book requests I'd made, and since I was at the library, I decided to use the library computers. Desktop computers that have the numeric keypad. As I was typing in my library card number, a thrill raced through me. I was finally typing in numbers, on a numeric keypad, in a setting where the numbers meant something.

I took joy in typing it in, and even did it several more times to request more books, simply because it reminded me of the good memories from childhood. And that's, in essence, the reasoning behind my tagline (Keep magic in the mundane). A call to look for joy in our day-to-day lives.

We often go through life, plodding from one task to another, simply existing. But in most moments there are opportunities for joy, opportunities to celebrate or remember something that makes the mundane tasks we do every day into something more. Something fun...something magical.

As you go about your day today, this week, this month, look for those moments. Remember the things that made you excited as child, the things you looked forward to being able to do "for real." Not everything is fun or magical, but God gives us moments of levity in the daily grind. So look for and celebrate them. Choose to keep magic, a.k.a. joy, in the mundane moments of life.

God bless, and Keep magic in the mundane.


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