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Suzie Anne's Book Recommendations: Gate of Myth and Power

Updated: Jan 6

Graphic of Gate of Myth and Power Series

Behold Chloe, with the amazing power of . . . turning into a housecat. And a bonus of being less noticeable, and only positive magic—like healing potions—working for her. The worst thing? She’s a lone supernatural, the only one of her kind, in a world where a person’s family, pack, or court is what protects them. Gate of Myth and Power is the fourth trilogy in K.M. Shea’s Magiford Supernatural City world, and the only one of the trilogies that is based—loosely—on a myth. It’s an incredible trilogy with several story-world plot twists that open up multiple possibilities for the over-arching story arc.

In each of the trilogies, Shea highlights a different idea that captures my mind and brings me back to the stories again and again. Gate of Myth and Power is no different, and has one of my absolute favorites—what it means to love, and what love is, as well as what bravery and overcoming your fears looks like. And then there are the characters.

As a lone supernatural who was adopted by humans, Chloe is more aware of the dangers magic and supernaturals pose to humans. Thus, her goal in life is to go unnoticed, work hard, and keep her family safe. Milk is her beverage of choice—each heroine in the trilogies have a different go-to drink—and she works at a bookstore. Donuts are her favorite food, and she won’t stand by and allow bullies to pick on others.

Supported by a cast of hilarious comrades and a cinnamon-roll love interest, Chloe makes a compelling argument for being my favorite Magiford heroine, but just can’t surpass Pip. It’s a wonderful addition to the urban fantasy series with witty characters, an intriguing plot, and love that triumphs over many obstacles.

Click here to visit K.M. Shea’s page about the trilogy.

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God bless and Keep magic in the mundane,


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