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Suzie Anne's Book Recommendations: Hall of Blood and Mercy

Hall of Blood and Mercy Graphic

Ever since I discovered her books, K.M. Shea has been a favorite author of mine. Each of her books features a witty female main character, incredible world-building, just the right amount of romance, and magic---of course. Add to that her ability to take the prevalent stereotypes in fantasy writing and turn them on their heads and you have the recipe for amazing books with characters you fall in-love with and come back to again and again.

Although I enjoy all her books, and will probably feature them all as recommended reads on my blog later on, the trilogies from Magiford Supernatural City are my favorites. With the recent release of the final book of the fourth trilogy, I couldn't hold off on this recommendation any longer. I'll share a little bit about each of the four trilogies over the next several weeks, but I'll understand if you don't wait for the rest of my recommendations to binge the whole series.

Hall of Blood and Mercy is the first trilogy and focuses on Hazel, a wizard, and Killian, a vampire. Hazel is a young, recently orphaned wizard fighting to lead her wizard house, the most important thing for their supernatural race. She has to turn to Killian for help when no other supernaturals---including her allies---will give her protection when another wizard stages a coup.

Killian is the most powerful vampire in the Midwest, serving as their leader, and is only concerned with solidifying the vampire's powerbase and ensuring their survival for as long as possible---because magic is dying out. He grants Hazel's request for protection, deciding a pet wizard might be amusing and would be useful as a trained attack dog in his fight with the fae of the Night Court.

Read the series to discover whether Hazel and Killian are able to overcome their differences and build a lasting relationship, while keeping their families safe from traitors and deadly fae.

Click here to visit K.M. Shea's page about The Hall of Blood and Mercy trilogy.

Click here to view the trilogy on Amazon.

God Bless and Keep magic in the mundane.


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