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Suzie Anne's Book Recommendations: Pack of Dawn and Destiny

Updated: Jan 6

Pack of Dawn and Destiny graphic

Pack of Dawn and Destiny is the third trilogy in K.M. Shea's Magiford Supernatural City Universe, and my favorite. It follows Pip, a werewolf hunter, who lives with a wolf pack in Wisconsin. The trilogy explores themes of self-worth, what it means to belong, and—of course—continues to expound the Magiford world.

Pip is a down-to-earth, hot chocolate-loving homebody who would do anything for her family, a.k.a. pack. She’s smart, but a bit lazy, and delights in teasing the pack Alpha, Greyson. Her best friends Aeric and Wyatt are some of my favorite supporting characters in Shea’s books due to their dogged determination to love Pip and include her in their lives so she doesn’t isolate herself. (Felix & Momoko and Josh & Celestina from Hall of Blood and Mercy are close seconds. Miss that rec? Find it here.)

The witty banter of the main characters is backed by a framework of support and caring, lending lasting depth to the books. Set against the backdrop of rural Wisconsin with intriguing mysteries to drive the plot forward and create multiple action-packed scenes, readers are taken on a fun but impactful journey as the cast of characters mature and learn together.

Lovers of Urban Fantasy can’t go wrong with choosing this series, and though the books in the trilogies should be read in order, the trilogies themselves don’t have to be, though there is an over-arching story that is woven through all the books. For books with a refreshing take on werewolf culture, found family vibes, mystery, and romance, read the Pack of Dawn and Destiny trilogy!

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Click here to find the series on Amazon.

God bless and Keep magic in the mundane,


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