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Suzie Anne's Book Recommendations: This Life of Mine

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Victoria Lynn is a new-to-me author, but one whose works I'll be reading more of due to her thought-provoking and sweet content. The Life of Mine is a non-magical fantasy story about redemption and the worth of all lives—even those who have souls and bodies broken seemingly beyond repair.

In This Life of Mine, Marcus is a healer from Elira, a kingdom recently freed from the tyrannical and abusive rule of a conniving regent. His body is permanently damaged from an encounter with evil soldiers as a child and he struggles with believing that he's a burden on those around him. When he meets Dilara, he also struggles with the idea that he's too broken to ever be worthy of marrying someone like her.

Dilara is fleeing the neighboring kingdom of Rusalka and a life of forced prostitution and enslavement. She admires Marcus, but struggles to believe in his God, whom Marcus claims is good, but allowed her to be harmed over and over again.

What I appreciated most about Lynn's book is that the answers aren't easy and the transformation isn't instant. She accurately portrays the battle we face, and sometimes lose, when confronting lies we have believed about ourselves. Read This Life o Mine to discover whether Marcus and Dilara can overcome their beliefs about who they are to become the people God created them to be.

Click here to visit Victoria's blog and purchase a signed copy.

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God bless and Keep magic in the mundane.


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