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Suzie Anne's Book Recommendations: A Mage's Influence

Updated: Feb 8

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Siblings. Can't live with them, can't live without them. In Melanie Cellier's series A Mage's Influence, one of my favorite parts is the exploration of the bond of sisterhood, how it changes and matures as we age, and the work and sacrifice to continue growing it.

The series follows Airlie and Cadence, sisters, as they navigate having their magic activated, attending the academy for powerful mages, and the mystery of the desolate fallen kingdom. With a pair of twin royal siblings—grumpy and sunshine—a handsome master mage, and basically-a-prince fellow student, they search for the truth while fighting the pressures of the outside world that pile hurts and secrets between them.

While this story does have similarities to Cellier's previous mage series with the trope of a girl coming of age and discovering she has an incredible power, Cadence and Airlie are their own characters, with different flaws and motivations. Cadence fades into the background, and for the most part, is okay with this. She loves her sister and would do anything for her, but struggles to find her place in her new life at the academy.

Airlie, the other POV character, appears confident and decisive, but is burdened with guilt and insecurities over the secrets their father told her. Weighed down with the need to protect her sister and trying to adjust to her new responsibilities, she does her best to meet everyone's expectations—even at the cost of her dreams.

With threads of romance, mystery, and an over-arching plot of rescuing the continent from the toxic wasteland slowly spreading past the borders of the fallen kingdom, Cellier weaves a tale first and foremost of two sisters, bound by love and burdened by secrets, who are fighting for a future together. Themes of what's worth fighting for, the sacredness of promises, and the strength of familial love combine to make this a favorite series.

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