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Suzie Anne's Book Recommendations: Suspended in the Stars

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Are you a fan of science fiction fantasy? Then I've got a perfect recommendation for you! E.A. Hendryx's Suspended in the Stars is The Greatest Showman meets Star Wars, with magical abilities and a dash of romance as well. Set in the Xerus Galaxy, the story follows Tallie and Renner as they travel from a circus on a spaceship across multiple planets to fight a hidden threat to the entire galaxy.

Tallie, the Soaring Staress on the circus ship Midway, has spent her life hiding. That hasn't dampened her empathy, though, and her heart for helping and serving the people of the galaxy is clear from page one. A fighter, who uses her brains to supplement her smaller size, Tallie's determined to do what's right no matter the cost. When Renner crashes into her world, she has to decide what is worth sacrificing for.

Renner, whose favorite—and possibly most effective—weapon is flirting, is carrying a galaxy-sized secret. One that has his name and face placed at the top the galaxy's most wanted list. When he joins the circus crew, everyone around him is thrust into danger. With deeply rooted protective instincts, Renner leaves the ship and strikes out alone, as committed to protecting the others as he is to completing the mission.

Surrounded by an all-star cast of characters—friends, foes, villains, rebels, and unknowns—Tallie and Renner race from one adventure to the next at breakneck speed. With a backdrop of an incredible world filled with different cultures, environments, races, and technology, the pair fights for justice and searches for the truth.

Suspended in the Stars is a fun read, with weighty questions of what's worth sacrificing for and what is more important in life woven throughout it. The incredible world building, witty banter, strong friendships, and touches of mystery captivated me and placed Suspended in the Stars on my favorite reads of 2023 list.

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