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Suzie Anne's Book Recommendations: The Hybrid Series

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Warning: This series is not complete yet. Reading it before the series is completed may result in an increase of wistful sighs, day dreaming, and an outpouring of frustrated comments to innocent friends and family members.

The Hybrid Series features a fascinating cyberpunk world with DNA manipulation, set against the stunning backdrop of a futuristic Asian society. With two different classes of people, those born with enhancements—Enhanced—and those without—Naturals, and a Natural heroine who is pretending to be Enhanced, the stories are packed with action and adventure from page one. Add in a brewing conflict between those who believe everyone should have access to enhancements and those who don't, and you've got an incredible tale full of twists and turns with just the right amount of mystery—and a dash of romance, of course.

Lee Urban is a relatable, compelling heroine who's forced to navigate a fine line of pursuing her dreams and keeping her family safe, while carrying the weight of her life-changing secret. Her uncertainty as she navigates coming-of-age and making her own decisions are realistic and well-written, as well as her deep-seated desire to find somewhere that she belongs. When combined with her never-give-up attitude and deep love for her family—despite its messiness—she's one of my favorite heroines of 2024.

Everest, Ash, and Lillian round out her friend group, a fun bunch who support and challenge Urban to be the best she can be—regardless of her limitations. Street racing, hints of someone who could change the future of the DNA editing process, and a mysterious attacker—or is it attackers?—kept me reading much later than I should have.

Science Fiction has never been a go-to genre for me, but Kade's action-packed books with well-crafted characters were so enjoyable I've started reading more like them, and have discovered it's a genre I enjoy. Themes of fighting for family, what gives us our identity, and looking for belonging transform Enhanced and Hybrid from fun reads to ones which stick with readers long past the last page.

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