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Suzie Anne's Book Recommendations: Court of Midnight and Deception

Updated: Jan 6

Court of Midnight and Deception Graphic

Have you ever had to stop reading because you were laughing so hard you cried? I hadn't . . . until the Court of Midnight and Deception trilogy. I just finished re-reading it for at least the third time since I discovered it a year and a half ago, and laughed just as much this time as I did the first time. Kitty, the name dedicated readers call K.M. Shea, has another winner with this trilogy.

Leila, our heroine, is sassy, clever, and doesn't take guff from anyone. She's thrust into the unwanted position of Night Court Queen, and finds herself in a fight for her life—literally. She's only half-fae and although the full-blooded supernaturals look down on her because of it, she uses her humanness to her advantage and delights in trolling them with it.

Rigel is an assassain, whose only goal in life is to keep from being dragged into the power games all fae play. He doesn't know what to think of the unpredictable Leila, but is determined to ensure she doesn't topple the deteriorating Night Court. Even if it means he has to kill her...though fae aren't supposed to be able to kill their ruler.

The trilogy is a slow-burn romance and features lots of snark, out-witting others, and tricky, word-smithing fae. There's plenty of magic and mystery as well, and the amazing world-building of the Magiford Supernatural City world continues. The best things, though, are the humorous scenes sprinkled through-out that are balanced by gut-punching truths about what's necessary for the fae's survival.

Read the trilogy to find out who's trying to kill Leila...and why she's vital to the survival of the fae.

Click here to go to K.M. Shea's page about the trilogy.

Click here to find the series on Amazon.

God bless and Keep magic in the mundane.


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