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Suzie Anne's Book Recommendations: Steal Fire From the Gods

Updated: Jan 6

Steal Fire Graphic and quote

“The gravedigger’s spade is a friend to me, opening a door that will set me free . . .” (Song lyrics from Steal Fire from the Gods)

Welcome to the dystopian future, where robots and humans fought, and humans lost. The deciding factor was the robots’ discovery of how to use magic. Almost all humans now live in robot-controlled settlements, where everything is made perfectly—food, water, work, hobbies—so the robots can carry out their prime directive of keeping humans safe.

Gunnar Graves is a 22-year-old survivor of the Human Alliance. He lives in a robot settlement and daily works to figure out the secret to controlling the elements, fueled by the need for revenge against the robots that killed his fellow soldiers and parents. Failure meets all his attempts, though, until he acts to save another, placing a target on his back. He goes on the run, joining a group that has remained hidden from the robots and is working to overthrow them . . . using life magic.

Witty banter and heartfelt conversations fill Steal Fire from the Gods as the characters race from adventure to adventure. A memorable brother-sister duo, cranky cyborg, pretty outcast, and others bring the book to life, drawing the reader into the danger and wonder of this imagined future. And, if those aren’t enough incentive, there’s also an adorable animal sidekick.

Steal Fire from the Gods is not a light read, with themes of our purpose in life, whether revenge is ever justified, and what life—and death—truly hold. Clint Hall doesn’t offer easy answers, to readers or his characters, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried at several places in the book. It’s well-worth reading, though. As Dr. Rosalie de Rosset said, “A good book takes you deeper into life, and a bad book distracts you from it.” I would add that an excellent book carries the weight of eternity, and Steal Fire from the Gods undoubtedly does.

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God bless, and Keep magic in the mundane,


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